Anthony Dexmier

Helping people break through their mental barriers and get in touch with their hearts so they can get what they truly want.



I wanted to be an entrepreneur to have more freedom…


At first, it didn’t work out too well for me… I found myself working way more than I would have enjoyed. My job was to get people in shape, and and I find myself having trouble staying in shape.

I knew things had to change when I saw that I was spending less and less time with my wife and my two daughters. I knew the time I didn’t spend with them I could never get back.

That’s when I decided to change things around. I just had to get back in shape, and I just had to give up glorifying hustle. Because you know, if you’re hustling against the wind, you’re not making much of an impact anyway.

Since then things have changed dramatically for me. I’m now helping people grow their personal life first so that their business can grow.

It’s about smart hustle, not comparing how much you can hustle compared to the other guy.

If you have found yourself with too little time to do what you want. If you feel stuck and know things need to change, it’s time to have someone who can help you lean into your edge and chase that life you always wanted.

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