Today I can’t resist telling you about my friend Stu (not his real name, I just want to protect his privacy). We mastermind once a month together.

He started with a blog in a growing market in France. At first he just published articles. Then he started implementing some SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and made a few products.


Now his list is growing every day without paying for Facebook ads and he makes money almost every time he sends an email with a link to one of his products.


His strength? Well, knowing his market deep down was a huge plus. Being one of the only people in this market certainly helped.


The rest, however, was done by just putting out quality content and making sure it was seen.


In the age of information, content is becoming the transaction closer. It can be used in a lot of different markets, and will connect people much better than advertising…


Some people are afraid of putting out bad content. Well, let me tell you a secret to get better at producing content…


You have to do it over and over, as if you were training for something…


Eventually you will get really good. The alternative is to go through The Content Rockstar Bootcamp and reach excellence sooner… You can sign up below:


Keep rocking,