There is always one question we’re asked as service providers. Is it for me?


And since I’m in the middle of launching The Content Rockstar Bootcamp, I thought I would tell you who exactly it is for so you can make an informed decision.


The Content Rockstar Bootcamp includes an online course that explores how to become great at content marketing to get more clients into your business without stripping your bank account of all its dollars (as in paid advertising).


The programme ALSO includes group and 1-1 coaching to help you adapt the course to you and make sure you actually do what you said you would. Unlike 99% of the courses out there which leave you to the wolves after you’ve bought, I will have your back…


I have designed this programme for:


**People who are starting out online or have a very small email list that they want to grow to get more customers for their products and services.

**Heart centred entrepreneurs who simply want to live off what they create.


**Bloggers, writers and other creators who want to monetize their platform by building a tribe, serving it and being rewarded for that. 


**People who know they have to take action in order to attract the clients they want to attract. It’s not just about knowledge, it’s also about applying it.


**People who have some time to invest every day to grow their business. I’m not gonna tell you to hustle and grind, but having at least an hour every day is a must.


**People who really care about impacting others and making a difference.


**People who want more freedom via a much better use of their time.


**People who want to charge more money for their services and who understand that such a thing is achieved by acquiring more leads and being much better at marketing. 


If you recognise yourself in one of the bullet points above, I’m looking forward to welcoming you in the programme.


For even more details, you can check out the link below:


Keep rocking,