Ebooks are already dead. Not the free ones, but those will die as well, actually.


5 years ago you could actually make money by just writing an ebook. Having a deep back end would help of course, and the real rockstars had it, but even with just an ebook and a 1-1 coaching practice, you could make a decent living…

Now it’s over. You have to build an ecourse, which is just a fancier way of selling information.


But that is dying too, and fast. In today’s online world, things don’t last very long anymore. People are looking for information everywhere but the marketplace fills up, most of the info starts becoming available pro bono…


Unsurprisingly, some marketers are starting to panic, but we should have seen it coming.


The mindset behind selling ecourses was screwed. Ever since The 4-Hour Workweek, the holy grail has been passive income.


Not that passive income isn’t a great idea, it is, but thinking you can provide an amazing experience for people with extremely minimal effort was an illusion.


As e-course authors started putting minimal effort in their product, clients started putting minimal efforts in the implementation.


90% of the people who buy online products do jack shit with them…

That’s why the people who will care about implementation before they care about passive income will win.


That’s why the Content Rockstar Bootcamp is not an ecourse. Well, it has an ecourse, but I also show you how to implement the course so that every student/padawan can experience the results.


You are a smart person. You knows that reading my work or watching my videos won’t cut it. You know you have to implement this stuff.


Well, let’s start in March, shall we? All the details are below:



See you on the other side,