Just thinking about producing content can be overwhelming…

We think about writing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

And that’s just the beginning…

On some platforms you should publish several times a day, on others every other week. Or so the gurus tell you.

There is one thing nobody tells you, however, which is that there is no such thing as a formula. Some platforms will respond better to frequent posting, but there are no rules.

If there was actually one rule, I would say it is that whatever you do, do it consistently. And that doesn’t mean every hour, nor every day.

It means that whatever frequency you choose, thou shouldst stick to it…

That, in itself, is the absolute key to content marketing, or marketing of any kind. Nothing works if you only do it once. Everything works when you do it long enough.

There is a crucial aspect of consistency that I haven’t heard many people say though… If you have to do something consistently, you’d better make sure you enjoy it.
Nothing in business should feel like a burden.

That’s why I prefer telling people to focus on the key platforms they like in order to drive clients to their business.

If only there was a program that could take you by the hand and show you the best platforms to use for your business. And what if this program could show you how to produce content for your business effortlessly, so it never becomes a drag.

Well, my friend, I’m pleased to tell you that registrations for the Content Rockstar Bootcamp are open below:

Keep rocking,