For every method that works, there are doubters.

“Content marketing takes time, how can it happen faster?” “If you give out too much for free, what then can you sell?”

These are normal concerns. Yes, content marketing takes time to build up. No, your audience won’t be built overnight.

However, here is typically where people get content marketing completely screwed up…

**They think they have to give the best value possible so they give everything they make other people pay for, for free. Very bad idea… It’s OK to give some nuggets, but never everything.

**They think they have to be everywhere so they spend all their day on social media, which basically means they can’t accept any client if there is one…

**They don’t choose the medium that’s right for them. People who hate writing should stay away from blogging.

**They have no idea who they’re talking to so they start giving generic advice that everybody else is giving.

**They filter themselves into some kind of vanilla persona that tries to please everybody and ends up attracting no one.

**They are inconsistent with their content publication and lose their audience to people who are more consistent than them…

These are just a few examples of why people end up having a bad experience with content marketing.

Fortunately, I will teach my bootcampers how to make content marketing work for them with or without a marketing budget.

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