I remember the first ads I ran…

Boy was a click cheap back then… Very few people knew that Facebook ads were cheap and effective 3 years ago.

Fast forward to now and everyone is trying to use Facebook ads.

It’s become an absolute nightmare because click prices have been multiplied by 10 and even 20 in some industries.

You see, Mr Zuckerberg is a smart fellow.

He wants his users to enjoy being on his platform. He knows that too many ads will completely ruin said platform so he’s allowing some marketers to have their way, but not everyone (and it’s still pretty much ruined that way…)

The people who can have their way with FB ads either don’t look like they’re selling something, or use different tactics of retargeting to only show ads that look like ads to the right people (those who buy).

That means that before you can drive traffic to your offers, and even to your free offers, you have to produce a lot of content and gain a lot of trust.

This is why content marketing is gonna become unavoidable for any business that wants to grow in the next couple of years…

Fortunately, I am about to launch the one and only Content Rockstar Bootcamp, which is going to help you produce qualilty content that draws traffic to your offers without you even paying for it.

I will also teach bootcampers to grow a business completely organically so they can gather cash before they try Facebook ads.

I will also show them FB ads methods that give you much cheaper clicks…

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Keep rocking,