I used to hate marketing. I used to think people who did great work didn’t need marketing. Well, I was wrong. You  can be as good as you want, people won’t know about you via osmosis.

Two years ago I resolved to study marketing but I always wanted to market my services ethically. The fitness industry was so full of shit I refused to compromise on my principles. As it turns out, I found great people who marketed in an effective and ethical way.

All of this led me to London last year, to a great marketing event put together by Dan Meredith and Frank Feliu, where the guest star was none other than Gary Vee himself. At this event, I met Pollyanna Hale, who has a fantastic online business for busy mums.

A few weeks ago, I saw where I could help Pollyanna with her conversion rate so we recorded this coaching session where we went through her sales letter and how to make sure it was compelling for her audience.

The questions I asked and what we discussed can be applied in any market. This video will show you how to market from the heart, without being sleazy.

Ultimately, people buy from people. The more of your values and your story you share with them, and the more likely you are to build a loyal tribe of people who will want to give you money.

Feel free to ask your questions about writing an effective sales letter in the comment section.

Keep rocking,