Sometimes there is a question we simply don’t ask…

We set a goal because we have some big dream, but we don’t realise how much it costs.

And when I talk about costs, I mean in terms of time, human investment, sweat, not just financial cost. 

And all of this can seem discouraging at first because we want to stay positive, but it allows us to be ready.

Because you will truly know what you are made of when shit hits the fan, not when you’re in the dream space.

And if you want bring a positive note, consider how much it costs  NOT to follow your dream. You can make a list of all the costs involved in staying stuck, that usually brings everything back in perspective.

Because ultimately, people change when the cost of staying the same becomes greater than the cost of changing…

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Don’t worry, I can be positive too, but I don’t breathe sunshine if that doesn’t serve you…

Keep rocking,