Too often, we wait for energy to come to us when in fact, we can create it. Your state of mind will either drain you or energise you.

If you feel that change is a constant battle. If you tend to view things as difficult, or view yourself as unworthy of the change that you are seeking, your ego will make it harder than it is.

Change can happen quite fast. It is your consistency with making it happen that will determine your success in the long run. Energy comes to you whenever you get something started, whether you feel like doing it or not.

You may feel low in energy before starting, but a few minutes into a task can put you into flow.

Therefore you can create energy by just getting things started. The downside of it is that unfinished projects, especially if they take up space in your head, will wear you down. That’s why you want to complete whatever needs to be completed before you got to bed.

For big projects, that means you should break them down into small, finishable tasks.

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