You hear anything and everything on this concept of life coaching…

Like would you consider myself a life coach? I don’t even like the term. However, for purposes of simplicity, let’s assume you can label me as such…

There is a massive misconception about coaching that I saw yesterday, and that happens to be excellent for what I want to tell you today.

Here is what someone said on Facebook yesterday: “Life coaches should learn to sort their shit out before helping others with theirs…”

And that’s where the huge misconception is… What does it mean, to “have your shit together?”

I don’t think anybody has all their shit together anyway. Is everything in your life going the way you want? Didn’t think so…

It’s part of the journey. We’re constantly chasing an ideal, and it’s a good thing, as long as you don’t measure your progress against that ideal.

So in the game of Flakebook and comparisons, I don’t think anyone should be looking for someone who’s got it all together… Everyone can put on an act, it’s easy.

Have I got it all together? I probably never will, and that’s fine. I will always be facing challenges and I will probably seek coaching from others because I know how fast you can go with proper coaching.

The real value in having a coach is to have someone look at your situation without the emotional attachment to it. This is what changes everything. There’s no need to “have it all” to achieve that…

Everything is relative. “Having your act together” will only be true by a game of pointless comparisons. And here is why comparisons hurt so much…

This is from coaching genius Dan Sullivan, and it’s so true: “The reason comparisons make us so miserable is because we compare our back stage to other people’s front stage…”

Yup, simple, I know. Most things are… So how can you be sure the person with the amazing life on Facebook really has their shit together? You can’t. What you can know is if they’ll be able to help you or not.

The people I can help the best are the people who display the same traits as me. I can recognise them faster and I know how detrimental they are so I will do my best to get it out of their systems.

Being imperfect is a gift. So no you probably don’t have it all together and that’s OK.

If you want to become a better version of yourself though, let’s chat. You can book a conversation with me below:

Keep rocking,