You may have heard the popular saying “happiness is found within.”

It’s generally accompanied by “money doesn’t buy happiness” or other such nonsense.

There is some truth to the idea of going within, and i’ll get to that in a second, but I don’t know who this message can resonate with.

I have never seen someone depressed being instantly healed by being told to “go within.”

It takes time and it takes discipline.

When I heard “happiness is found within,” my immediate thoughts were “sure, within an Airbus A380, in a business seat,” or “within a luxurious hotel room overlooking Disney World.”

As you can guess, I was a pretty frustrated guy back then.

The reason you are often told to go within is because you have all the answers already. Your situation is made worse by your perception. You can probably find the solutions you’re looking for quicker than you think.

However, you cannot do that if you let your mind and your ego run the show. If your self image doesn’t change and your thinking pattern stays identical, it’s gonna be pretty tough to change anything.

That’s where meditation can help you. The only way you can reach the answers you’re looking for is to relax as much as you can.

And trust me, I know how hard it is. I must have wanted to give up on meditation at least 100 times before I experienced the benefits.

That’s why I can help you speed up the process and make it much easier for you to reach a deep state of relaxation that allows your intuition and your heart to run the show.

The feeling is amazing and very addictive. If you want some, you can register below:

Keep rocking,