I don’t know about you, but freedom is a huge value of mine.That’s why initially I thought I wanted to be an entrepreneur.


That’s why a lot of people choose this path. We want to be free from someone dictating our days. We want to be free from the constraints of a job. Free to choose our own salary, free to choose the way we provide serve, and free to choose where we work from…

And money should actually be seen as a vehicle to freedom. The more money you have, the more problems you can solve just by writing cheques.


However, sometimes it’s not about freedom. In fact, if it’s just about freedom, my kind of entrepreneurship is probably not ideal…


Let me explain… There are countless ways to make money. I could have chosen to be an independent stockbroker. I know it’s risky, but what isn’t? Once you’re past the learning curve, you can make make a fortune with it with few hours of work per day.


Interestingly enough, I’ve never been attracted by that in the slightest. It’s boring as hell, if you ask me.


When I imagine a situation in which I don’t have to work for money, I no longer see the same thing as before. I don’t see myself just touring the world, going to the beach and sipping a Pina Colada.


These things are great for three days. I would still want to inspire people to show their genius and live a fulfilling life. I would still want to impact as many people as possible.


In other words, I would still want to coach. I would want to do public speaking and I would want to write books.


I have to admit, if I didn’t have to work for money, I would probably be writing my novel. And if I was my own client, I would be saying “go write it now then.”


The key mindset shift that’s happened to me lately is that impact has become more important than freedom. I have come to realise I have way more freedom than most people already.


That freedom was not acquired through hustle, sweat and grind, as some people are saying. That freedom was acquired by not attaching so much meaning to everything. The reason most people feel trapped or imprisoned is because they give value to their thoughts and attach meaning to too many things.


They make everything that happen mean something when most of the time, it can mean whatever you want. The meaning you can attach to things or events is extremely variable so why would you trust it?


So if you’re looking for a big why, a major reason to wake up in the morning, I suggest picking something other than “freedom.” For me, it’s impact. I want to impact people and help them make the changes they’re looking for.


This gets me pumped every single time…


So if you’re ready to be impacted and changed (for the better of course), you can book your complimentary spot for a coaching session below:


Just so you know, unlike most mentors and coaches out there who want to get you on a call so they can spend an hour selling you something, it’s nothing like that.


It’s an hour of deep coaching. Why do I offer that? Well of course, it would be nice if I could blow you away so much that you end up begging me to coach you more. However, I also love what I do so if at the end of the hour you tell me “it was great, but I think you’ve got me covered for the next three months, thank you,” I will still leave the call a happy man.


It’s a win-win.


See you soon?


Keep rocking,