It’s time for the new year, new me bullshit. As 2016 is coming to an end, people are setting big goals and good resolutions.

And it’s all good but how about taking those resolutions right now instead of waiting for the end of 2016? If something is good for you in 3 weeks, it probably is good for you right now.

Because here is what’s going to happen if you go into 2017 with the mentality of “I’m waiting for the start of the year to improve this aspect of my life.” Jack shit. Nothing is going to happen.

Nothing is ever gonna change if you think the start of the year will be some magical time that will be a game changer. You are the game changer. It’s your game.

As for resolutions, they’re all great, but have you ever stuck to them, like ever?

And that’s because excuses are gonna be as present after the first of January as before… Normally, excuses tend to be less present for the first two weeks of January, I’ll admit. After that, they will come back…

Your kids are gonna get sick. You’re gonna have things in your life happening that you hadn’t foreseen. And next thing you know, you’ll be back on square one.

But enough doom and gloom, how can you stop that from happening?

Slow down. Make just one resolution and make sure you stick to it throughout the year. For goals, I like to have them every quarter with measurable outcomes.

In 2016 I made only one resolution, and I’m glad to say I stuck to it. I resolved to meditate every morning. Was it hard? Oh yes, especially for a nervous guy like me.

I couldn’t sustain meditations for more than 4 minutes at first. And then I learned how to do it better.

And here is a taste of what meditation has done for me:


  • It’s increased my time by sharpening my focus and being way more productive.
  • It’s lowered my stress levels dramatically and helped me cope with some drastic decisions that needed to be made.
  • It’s reduced the unbearable noise inside my head.
  • It’s helped me reconnect with my wife and my daughters because I can be more present with them now, instead of constantly in my head.
  • It’s dramatically changed my relationship with food (I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow actually).

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve health, performance and focus. Now that I’ve tasted the benefits, I’m addicted to it.

If you want to experience the same addictive benefits, you can register for the meditation webinar below:

Keep rocking,