Service can come in forms you don’t expect. Like, do you know how Roger Federer is serving me for example?

The guy has no idea who I am, but I flew all the way to London to see him play… Well, not exactly. I was supposed to go to London to gather some documents for the upcoming dissertation that I never wrote…

I did gather some documents, but I spent more time at the O2 arena watching the tennis than at the library. It was just a huge opportunity to see my favourite player in the whole world play.

And it was amazing. I don’t regret any of the money that I spent on this incredible event. Yet, how did it serve me?

In multiple ways. Seeing successful people inspires me to learn more things and master my craft better. It inspires me to keep acting on what I want to create. It helps me see that success is possible.

We often look at different ways we can serve people. We wonder about the value of our services. Most coaches who increase their prices feel uneasy at first.

I remember when I started as a fitness trainer and asked €50 for a 1-1 session. For me it was a huge amount to ask back then. Now it’s become a small amount.

We want to feel worthy of something before it can come to us. We want to provide something extraordinary or we’re not worth it. However, I stumbled upon a quote by coaching genius Steve Chandler that changed the whole game…

“The best gift you can give others (even better than the highly overrated “empathy”) is to have your own life work”

So what does that mean, to have your own life work? That means looking for your own fulfilment and satisfaction first because it allows you to serve people better.

That’s why nobody should apologize for how much they charge. The best way to lead is by example.

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Keep rocking,