I had misplaced my keys. I couldn’t remember where I had left them. I started getting angry, because it’s such a waste of time to be looking for keys…

Then the penny dropped and I remembered. “How stup…” And this time I caught myself before I finished the sentence…

You see, most of us would never talk to someone else the way we do to ourselves. If we did we wouldn’t have many friends. Have you ever stopped to think about that? I used to talk to myself very badly. I would be very negative about everything I did.

Now, whenever I start falling back into those habits, I notice it immediately. It even hurts to hear those words.

Of course, it didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t suddenly start “loving myself” and “being happy” like all self help gurus will tell you. It took some efforts, and it took time to bring awareness to my whole behaviour.

And if I had one piece of advice to give you today, it would be to start watching how you talk to yourself like right now. Imagine the person you’re talking to is someone you love dearly. Imagine it’s someone you would love unconditionally.

Because you won’t get this constant need for love if you first give it to yourself. You won’t fear rejection if you stop rejecting yourself.

It’s OK to have ambitions. It’s OK to have goals. It’s also OK to make mistakes and misplace your keys.

By the way, if you label yourself as the person who always misplaces the keys, you will always misplace them… Some people call this karma, the result is the same, you’re looking for your keys way too often…

Now mediation has undoubtedly been a key for me to be at peace with myself, but being coached was even more powerful, I have to admit.

Suddenly, when you can’t use that destructive self talk because you can get called on it, things that to change very quickly. This is why I set regular challenges in my Facebook group. It’s for people who have great ideas but need that nudge to take action.
You can join below:
Just so you know, I’m not one of those coaches who just claps his hands at whatever you say. I don’t scratch your back for a living. If you’re throwing a story at me, I will call you out on it… Always with love, but I’ll call you out nonetheless…

Are you still up for it?


See you there,