My eldest daughter is ill (I know, karma, right?) today so I took her to my studio and put Frozen in the background while I was training my clients.

And boy do I know this film by heart, as you can imagine, having two daughters. Accidentally, it’s one of the most successful Disney movies of all times and the scenario wasn’t supposed to be like that…

Anyway, I heard the words but they didn’t resonate the same way this time. At the beginning of the film, Elsa hurts her sister with her magic powers. Her parents take Elsa and Anna to the trolls so Anna can be healed.

And this is what the troll says “Listen to me, Elsa, your power will only grow. There is beauty in it. But also great danger. You must learn to control it. Fear will be your enemy.”

And of course, what happens in the rest of the film just proves that Elsa can actually control her powers when she doesn’t use them from a place of fear, but from a place of love.

To me this made more sense now that I’ve been coaching more people. People all have power in them. We all have our unique gifts we can nurture and use for the greater good.

The only problem is that we often operate from a position of fear and scarcity. This is why  I wanted to do a webinar on meditation.

If I have to think of the insane number of ways I have tried to deal with stress myself, meditation has been the most effective by far…

And here is the bonus with this webinar… I will guide you through a simple process that you can repeat at home. No need to be an expert at meditation. No need to step into woo-woo stuff if that’s not your thing.

Here is the link to register for the webinar:

A massive favour I would like to ask you is that if you know anyone who can benefit from meditation to lower their stress level so they can show their true genius to the world, could you please share the webinar with them?

Keep rocking,