Most people think they need to build a pretty website. Your loved ones will tell you that your website could be “prettier.” They’ll give you every unsolicited feedback you can get, by the way.

Someone once told me I should shoot all my videos in a professional studio because it’s not acceptable otherwise… That person had never run a business before, of course…

These things don’t matter in the end. Some people make a killing with ugly websites. Some people even make multiple 6 figures without a website.

Sadly, too many people still think they need to spend a month of their time making a website pretty. And I will say right from the off that if you have the financial capacity to invest in a website and that you can have a professional do it, why not. It will save a ton of time if that person finishes what you ask in the required deadline (that’s rare btw)…

There is one problem with this approach though… Some people don’t have thousands of dollars to squander, and even if they do, that money would probably be better spent on something else…

Let me explain. Most people who start don’t need a fancy website. The priority shouldn’t be that. The priority is to build a tribe, and gather people who share similar values as you around your mission.

The next priority is to provide service, which again doesn’t require a website. Now you can communicate about events on Facebook and via email. You can invite people to sign up for a webinar. You can invite them to have a chat with you to see if it’s a good idea to do business.

What paralyses people is everything there is to do when you build a website up. And I’ll be honest, in the end, having a website where people can easily find you and understand what you do is a huge plus.

However, having a strong community is way more valuable. This is why I created my Facebook group, so I could gather people who were motivated to break past their barriers and stop sitting on the fence.

That first step is always the hardest. People hide behind “not having a website” when in fact, they just need to spread their message far and wide and bring people together.

Now if you want some help in getting your message out there. If you’re afraid of what people will think of you. If you’re constantly battling your own limiting beliefs. It’s time to join our regular challenges that step you out of your comfort zone so you can impact more people.

The group can be found below:

See you there perhaps?

Keep rocking until then,


PS: By the way, when choosing between a fancy software or plugin, a great website, and investing in yourself (like getting a coach), the choice should always be to invest in yourself… I know, I’m blowing my own trumpet here but you can’t imagine the number of people I’ve seen with a fantastic website and no money in the bank…