Having a website is cool, until it gets hacked… We all like to believe that we’re never gonna experience that but unfortunately, it happens more often than we think it can…

I have been battling against hackers for a year. I have changed my server. I have even changed my whole the platform I was using. I have switched the blog to a wordpress.com blog even. The blog you are on right now is way more secure than the one I had before.

My official site, however? It’s getting hacked again. And this would have made me panic completely a year ago. Now I’m more relaxed for one simple reason. It is because I got hacked a year ago and that I have learned from the experience that I can face it with calm nowadays.

The deep lesson when you get hacked is that you should never have all your eggs in the same basket. You should never have call to actions that always lead to the same website. This way when one thing goes down, you audience can still reach you. It’s that simple.

Right now one of the most secure things I have is my email list and my private Facebook group. It allows me to communicate with my audience on a daily basis. This blog is also a great way to do that, although at some point it will make sense for me to transfer it to my main domain. However, this domain will probably have to go into quarantine for while, which is OK since I have so many other solutions.

Last summer my website was not usable and I still sold Online Business Ignition. Ultimately, people don’t care about your website. They care about what you can do for them. If you want to know more about how I can help you get your message out to the world and impact more people, you can join the regular challenges we have in my Private Facebook group.

I hope to see you there soon,