There’s a song I had forgotten about… It’s called The Unforgiven, by Metallica.

This song has resonated so much with me since I heard it I had to share my thoughts with you.

The story of the song is that of a boy whom society tries to mould. He grows into a frustrated man and then a regretful old man…

There are a few powerful lines in that song. The one that clearly hits home is “Never free, never me…”

Because that’s what freedom is all about. It’s not lying on some beach and waiting for the day to pass by. As much as we like to think we want these things, what makes them special is that you do them when you’re on holiday.

Freedom is about being you and not being afraid of it. There is not a universal truth. We all experience reality in a different way.

Freedom is about speaking your truth and being whoever you choose to be, not what society wants from you.

And society will want different things. That’s why most people live in fear. They’re afraid society will find out what their true colours are.

They’re afraid of showing what their heart truly wants…

But there is a way. It’s not about fighting a war. It’s not about saying “F*ck you” to everybody you know. It’s about not asking permission.

It’s about being so confident that you’re on the right path nobody can stand in your way. And when you’ve learned to tame fear, you will truly become unstoppable…

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