I’m a big fan of reading books that help you grow.

Some books I can really say changed my life. I will tell you about those tomorrow or the day after.

The book I’m gonna talk about today is one I never thought I would even lay eyes on. You see, its title is not very appealing to someone like me, or at least, the person I was at the time.

However, I saw Dax Moy say in a video that the book was probably the most influential in all of his coaching career. Naturally, he recommended reading it several times.

He also said that the title may repel a lot of people. I didn’t appeal to me in the slightest, that bit was true. Still, I trusted Dax Moy and I ordered it.

Don’t worry, I’m gonna reveal what the book is, in case you’re getting impatient. And I must say I have really enjoyed it? It has shifted a lot of perspectives for sure.

What has had the most influence on my coaching career, however, is the amazing Mindie Kniss.

She has changed my whole world and I can’t thank her enough for that.

This is why I’m inviting you to Mindie’s free workshop on coaching, if you’re interested. You can discover it here.

This is how Mindie signs all of her emails: «Go boldly. » And boy does she make you go body when you work with her…

She basically had me create a whole course and a whole product in a week, and I’m still using most of what I created today.

Now, back to that book, in case you were wondering. It’s Neale Donal Walsh’s Conversations With God.

And before you judge the book by its cover or its title, I would invite you to read it. It is truly enlightening in many aspects.

Of course, if you want to actually experience some of what’s said in there, I would recommend you check out Mindie’s workshop here.

And, same as yesterday, I want to be transparent, the link is an affiliate link so Mindie will buy me my personal yacht if you end up signing for Cor using that link. That’s how generous she is.

OK maybe not a yacht, but you get the picture. In return, I want to make it worth your while to sign up through my link so let me tell you that I’ll have your back. I will help  you grow your coaching practice by providing you with a coaching session with me for every month you’re on Cor (5 months total).

Now the choice is up to you. The workshop is complimentary though…

Keep rocking,