At the beginning of last year, a question was asked to me…

My wife wanted us to move to Switzerland because of the massive opportunities for her own professional development up there… I was enthusiastic about the idea, but it was more problematic to me…

The question then became what would I do there…

One possibility was to open another fitness studio and have a brick and mortar business. That didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I already knew how to grow a business online so this would be the opportunity to focus solely on that.

Because online or offline, growing a business requires time, I trust you know that already. And because I had the opportunity to focus on only one thing, I had a choice to make…

As you know, I like going from one thing to the next because I like exploring. I also don’t like putting barriers around me.

And therefore it became clear that I could no longer accept to be contained within the fitness industry. As much as I still love this industry, I want to bring more to people. The only problem was… how?

The answer came to me in the form of the amazing Mindie Kniss. I stumbled upon an interview of her and just knew I wanted to work with her.

There are more details to that story but for now let’s just say that a few months later, I had enrolled for her Cor Coaching Academy, in which I learned about heart intelligence and heart based coaching.

That journey has been amazing on so many levels. It’s easily the best online course I have ever taken, and I have taken quite a few.

Therefore it is only fitting that I recommend you check out Mindie’s free workshop today. You can find it here

Now before you ask the question, yes, this is an affiliate link. If you sign up for Cor, I will get rewarded somehow, but let me add this. If you sign up for Cor, I will have your back.

The course is challenging and I know what you’ll go through so I want to offer you full support with at least a coaching session with me every month as a bonus for signing up. My treat. I’m really happy to do it.

Now even if you’re not ready to make the decision, the workshop videos will tell you more about coaching so you can see whether it’s a right fit for you.

Keep rocking,