You see, there are two sides to the entrepreneurial equation. Some people start a business because they want other people to work for them while they simply collect the dollars and enjoy their time on the beach.

Facebook is full of ads about creating your freedom lifestyle business and spend your day on the beach while your computer collects money for you. Is that utopian? Not necessarily. You can use passive income models to eventually reach that point.

And back when I started online, I sort of wanted that lifestyle. At least, I thought that was what I wanted… And then I realised one thing. I live next to the beach, literally 2kms away from it and I almost never go there.

And it’s not because I don’t have time, I would have time to go there every day if it was extremely important to me. Granted, the beaches where I live suck big time. It’s not your paradise island type of beach. It’s a “look at those buildings and all these cars behind us” type of beach.

However, I do have it, don’t I? And when I do go, I get bored very quickly. Because if you think doing nothing feels great, it only lasts a couple of days. After a while, unless you keep travelling and exploring, you want to do something with your life.

That’s where the second side of the entrepreneurial equation shows up… These people live for the hustle. They proudly tell you how hard they work and how unproductive they are. Because yes, I believe past the 6-hour mark, your productivity declines. There may be a few excpetions but I haven’t seen them yet.

Anyway these people will tell you that passive income is a piper’s dream and that you should grind to actually “deserve” your money somehow. And as much as these people don’t really inspire me that much, I would say it’s true that you don’t feel incredible about yourself after doing nothing all day…

Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that real freedom was not about being on some beach sipping champagne (I don’t even like Champagne that much). It’s about having the impact you want to have. It’s about knowing you’re making a difference, but doing that on your own terms.

In terms of income models, it’s about having both passive and active income. Because when you’re truly driven by something. When you’ve found something you care about strongly enough, it doesn’t feel like work. Neither do you feel the need to “brag” about “grinding it out.” You simply do it because you love it, period.

Sorry that was a rather long email to tell you that no one should tell you what you’re good or not good for. No one should tell you how ot live your life and how much you’re “supposed” to work.

My drive is to help people find theirs, to reveal that inner genius that’s been hidden for so long so they can find meaning in what they do. And generally, money tends to follow great service given by inspired people…

The only problem is when fear gets in the way of drive… And I have a solution I’m gonna present soon. You can register for the presentation below:

Keep rocking,