What I’m gonna talk to you about probably got Donald Trump elected… I kid you not.

But it’s not about Trump today, it’s about you. It’s about procrastination. It’s about sitting on the fence before doing something you know deep down that you want to do…

Humans always want more. It’s in our nature. I know most personal development people will teach you to love scarcity, be happy with the present moment, and only care about what you have, but I call some bullshit on that…

Not complete bullshit, there is value in these things, but the message often gets misinterpreted, unfortunately.

Back to capitalist reality. We want more. We have big dreams, and then we become paralysed. We stop acting on those dreams because we think we can see the future.

We imagine it will either be impossible, or cause a lot of disappointment. I have done that on countless occasions and still do it to some extent.

And there is one cause for this self sabotage and acceptance of unfavourable circumstances… Fear.

Plain and simple. We are afraid of what may or may not happen. We are afraid of what we don’t know. Therefore we would rather sometimes stay in pain than moving towards something we don’t know…

Irrational I know. And in case you’re wondering what that has to do with Donald Trump, fear is the process of being focused on what you don’t want. And when you focus on something, you tend to create or attract it in some way. Look at how many people were afraid of Donald Trump, and simply the amount of focus he got and the results of the election are less surprising suddenly.

But enough of that, I have a solution to tame fear. I’m not saying you’ll get rid of it because you never will, but at least you can learn to turn it down and stop any self sabotage cycle you may have entered….

It’s gonna be in my next live webinar, for which you can sign up below: 

Keep rocking,