The online world is a gold rush. I was part of that gold rush at some point until it hit me hard in the face.

As a young and naive personal trainer, I was following some online celebrities and really admiring the lifestyle they seemed to have.

What I wasn’t seeing was all the years of struggle before reaching “celebrity status” but you know what, it’s a good thing I didn’t see that. It helped me dream and move forward.

I was obsessed with idea of passive income. I mean, who isn’t. And at the time, my work only consisted of paid by the hour work so whenever I took a holiday, my income would shrink…

I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to launch my first product. I don’t even remember what it was called.

It would be an ebook to help people stay lean year round. That’s the way I wanted to position myself on the market at the time. I had a blog and I was blogging regularly.

Then I read a book in which the author was saying he made five figures a month just from selling Kindle books. I thought, that’s it. I don’t actually have to grind, I just need to write Kindle books.

The ebook I was writing quickly turned into a Kindle and I put it on Amazon two months later. Then I did what I thought was best, wait for the dollars to rain…

Needless to say, I heard more cricket sounds than the sound of dollars falling on my lap… And that’s when I started to realise that doing business online is no different than doing business offline. You’re still dealing with people, and they have to trust you before they buy from you…

Don’t get me wrong, that book sells a few copies every month, it’s just not that “easy money” I naively thought I was gonna make.

But it taught me a valuable lesson and had me at least knee deep into something. It taught me to detach from the outcome when you do something you enjoy.

I know sometimes the outcome seems to be impossible to detach from, but you always feel better when you’ve done something than if you have thought about it. Look, this book gives me a nice story to tell you.

In the end I lost nothing. I invested a lot of hours of my own time to learn a valuable lesson and today I still make a few sales on that investment. And what I have learned since then has allowed me to build, promote and sell online products without having it be a grind.

This is why I created Online Business Ignition, to break down the process of selling anything online as simply as I could. You can grab it below:

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Keep rocking,