Wow, I’m just coming out of giving that webinar I invited you too. Next time, I’m probably gonna hold my webinars a little bit later in the afternoon so that more people from the US can join…

Anyway, as I was giving it, I had an epiphany.

It’s something I’ve been observing for a while but I haven’t really lived by that rule, unfortunately.

And yesterday I was watching this documentary on the history of humanity, and that rule showed up again.

They were talking about Charles Goodyear, the guy who basically discovered how to make rubber so that we good have tires on our car…

He failed for 5 years of his life but he was persuaded that he was on to something. He knew deep inisde him that if he could crack the code, it would be a huge success.

He went deep into debt and all sorts of personal troubles until he discovered that by adding sulfur to the whole mix, you could more or less obtain what we know now as rubber.

And history is full of guys like this who had an idea and just held on to it, no matter what everybody said. And as I was giving my webinar I realised how many webinars I had attended where people basically spat out rules after rules for marketing your brand or speaking your message…

And it just dawned on me that the first rule is actually that there are no rules.

Rules only hold until someone comes along and breaks them, showing everybody that it can be done differently.

And that’s why I’m very reluctant to give any specific “rules.” There are things that work now, but nothing works forever. And just because something works now doesn’t mean there won’t be something better coming soon.

That’s why I would recommend watching this webinar before it becomes obsolete:

Keep rocking,