People think the opposite of love is hate, but that’s not entirely true….

When you hate something, you care for it. There is usually a fine line between love and hate.

Look at almost all the romantic movies you’ve ever seen. You can know if two people are gonna end up together if they tend to hate each other at the beginning…

Who knows, maybe the people who voted for Hillary will end up loving Donald Trump… Or maybe not, who am I to say?

What is sure is that these people were really afraid of a Trump election. They sure focused hard on it.

And because they feared it would happen, it did.

We tend to attract what we fear the most.

And the opposite of love is fear. When you move forward with love, you want to expand, you want to touch more people…

If you live in fear, you contract. You stop dead in you tracks. You put chains around you, and you end up attracting the thing you feared so much in the first place.

The solution to fear therefore is just love. You just have to move forward knowing that things will turn out better than you imagined in the first place.

And even if things don’t turn out as well as you expected, it’s much better to live in that space on a day to day basis than in a place of fear…

So whatever you’re trying to do right, remember to focus more on gratitude and love, than on what you don’t want….

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