Right now they’re all going crazy on Facebook about the election but I’m going to skip that part because life goes on, doesn’t it?

I wanted to share with you a bit of what has happened to me at HeartPath…

I’ve just got back from Arizona (right before the elections) and I’m still processing everything that has gone on at Heart Path.

About 20 people gathered to share their stories, and discover about what their heart tells us.

And if you think I’m being a bit woo woo, bear with me. There have been scientific experiments showing the heart had an intelligence of its own.

You know that thing we call intuition? Well, it seems that it comes from there. Last weekend I got to experience what it felt like, and it was amazing. I could go on describing, but without truly experiencing it, it’s hard to understand.

One thing became clear though… That gut feeling, that little voice inside you that whispers something that sometimes doesn’t make any sense?

Well, we ignore that voice most of the time… Until next time, but it will always try to put you on your path. Because we all have a gift. We all have genius inside of us. And rather than stifling that genius by listening to the news or trusting politics to do anything meaningful for you, I suggest you take action on that genius.

How, you may ask? By taking a step forward into the direction you know you’ve always wanted. Only then can you gain clarity. So what’s that step gonna be for you?

It could be starting an online business, in which case I have just the thing for you:

Don’t forget that until Friday 18, you can get this at a third of the price by using the coupon code “subscriber.”

Keep rocking,


PS: I will end up giving my thoughts about this election but I want all the craziness to dissolve before. However, I would like to point out that I kind of foresaw what would happen when I made this post…