If you want to repel people, it’s easy. Be as needy and insecure as you can and off they will bugger…

If you want to really connect with people, however, you have to be willing to show more of yourself and what you stand for. Sure, you may repel people who don’t share your values, but why should you care about that?

And sometimes it’s actually hard to even know what your core values are because you’re constantly fed a flow of bullshit ideas by the mass media. In fact, you have been conditioned from birth to think and act in a certain way.

This conditioning has created some kind of framework in which you operate that my not be aligned with your true values at all. And yet your values are there. They show up every day.

When something pisses you off, it doesn’t align with your personal values. When you’re angry at yourself, you’re behaving in a way that doesn’t align with your personal values.

When you feel your best, however, you are aligned. When you feel fulfilled, you are in tune with who you really are underneath this mask you have learned to put on yourself. But here is the thing, the more of yourself you will show without the mask, the more of the right people you are going to attract.

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