Your brain can be your best ally, or your best enemy. When it comes to success, your brain couldn’t care less.

The primary role of the brain is to keep you alive. For this, it makes connections according to your day to day life. In other words what you do every day determines the connections you make, and how your brain will harm you against danger.

Money, fame, or impact? The brain couldn’t care less, unless your survival depends on these things of course. The trick would be to make it think it does, but few people can manage that.

You see, when you make a change in your life, your brain sees the unknown, which it interprets as possible danger… You still retain the reptilian side of you. The reptile part of the brain is only concerned with the fight, flight or freeze response. The scale of a danger is unknown. Danger equals death, period.

Naturally, if you keep exposing your brain to what it conceives as danger, you never get out of your comfort zone, never make any change, and wonder why you can’t make it.

However, there is a way. You can make your brain feel safe while making change happen. You can force your brain to make new connections so you’re no longer afraid of the same things. You can achieve success if you train your brain for it.

I will be explaining how to do that in Thursday’s webinar, for which you can sign up below:

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