As you know, I believe there is genius in everyone of us. It’s caged in by our own conditioning, but it’s there. And that reminds me of one of my favourite Disney movies…

The word “genius” is not very far from the word “genie.” And look at Aladdin, we have a great metaphor for untapped exceptional powers.

The genie can basically do anything. His magic only has three limits. He can’t kill anybody, bring people back from the dead, or make someone fall in love with someone else. “Other than that, you got it…”

Imagine what you could do if you only had those three limitations… However, there is a caveat, of course. The genie can’t do anything he wants. He is a prisoner. He is tied to a lamp, a tiny little space where he is confined unless someone rubs it.

And even when he gets out of the lamp, he can only do what his master asks him… And this reminds of people who are brilliant at they do. They have so much value to give to the world, but they’re tied to a company and depend on people telling them what to do…

Now getting back to that story, the only way for a genie to get free is if their master wishes them free, which Aladdin does eventually. And the first thing the genie decides to do with his newfound freedom is to go off and see the world.

And so my question to you is this. Are you confined in your own lamp? Do you have abilities that are clearly untapped? And whose permission are you waiting for to go off and see the world?

Because no matter what your situation is right now, you can take a step forward. The only thing that is caging your own genius inside a lamp is your mind, which is why I’m inviting you to learn how to rewire your brain for success. It’s one of those few webinars I won’t be doing live, but the content may change your life.

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