Boy do I have something interesting for you today. The guy I interviewed launched his first business when he was 17.

And no it didn’t completely blow in his face. It just became something he hated. That can happen quite often when we build businesses for the wrong reasons.

Now every single business has to make money and sustain a particular lifestyle, but what if the business you build completely eats away that lifestyle you always dreamed of?

Well most entrepreneurs in that case will take refuge in their glorification of hustle and hard work. They think it looks cool and it makes them look very interesting but the truth is they’re in a pretty dark hole…

And that’s OK! As ou become aware that what you’ve built was not what you actually wanted, you can build something else. It’s part of the process of learning. Now sometimes I do wish I didn’t have to learn so much, but what’s done is done.

Now John, whom I interviewed, ended up going into the corporate world, which of course he ended up hating even more than his business. Stuck again, so young though. Well, to find out more about his amazing journey, you can catch the interview a bit further below.

Now a word on youth… I see many people on Facebook criticising the young for wanting to much too soon… And while I’m generally used to people waking up much later, it’s actually much better to realise you want those things early.

I hope you like the interview. Here is a taste of what you can get from it:
**How to make some income online right from the start when you’ve just left your corporate job

**Why so many people go about putting together an online business the wrong way

** Why you’re never really stuck, even when you think you are

** The difference 60 minutes a day can make in your life

** Where the real magic lies in making a powerful change in your life

The interview is right below:

Keep rocking,


PS: I’ve run my first recorded coaching call of someone amazing enough to agree to be coached “publicly,” as in I’ll post the recording on youtube. Isn’t that great? You will get to see what it can look like to coach with me, AND you will learn a thing or two in the process. I shall keep you posted about when I publish the video…