My wife decided to list the 100 things she wanted to do before she died.

Very few people actually make such lists. She found a website where other people shared their own lists. And of course, without fail, the comparison game started…

Some people dream big, and other dream small. And invariably, the small dreamers will try to give big dreamers a reality check…

Here is the typical things you will hear them say:
“Not everybody can afford such dreams…” but it gets worse “very few people can afford this and very few people will do all these things.”

And that is why these people will never get what they want. They automatically forbid themselves from even dreaming big.

Yet, here is the thing, if you can’t imagine it, if you can’t dream it, you will never get it. It never falls on your lap without you even asking, that bit is certain.

However, dreaming is pretty harmless. It doesn’t do you or others any harm. Once you have imagined something though, you have taken the first step towards making it true.

So what will it be for the week ahead? Actions that will correlate to big dreams or small dreams?

If you want to build something big, you have to start with your values and your message, which you can find out about below:

Keep dreaming,


PS: I have decided on the theme of the next webinar. I’ll keep you posted tomorrow.