“Email is dead…” I must have heard that over and over. It’s not dead, in case you were wondering. 

Here is the thing though. When you choose as your title “Tool X is dead,” more people tend to read your stuff. That’s why you’ll see blog posts pronouncing tools dead all over the internet.

Either that or they’re selling you a new tool that might be valuable, but may not be relevant to you. The truth is, the world is moving fast. If you stay in the past, you lose.

I like the story of the ice delivery business. It shows exactly why staying in the past just never ever works… Maybe I’ll tell that story in a future email. How about tomorrow?

Today I want to address the idea of going way too far into the future. Yes, future minded as I am, I want to warn you against trying shiny new tools because the online world is not the whole world.

Markets are NOT saturated, despite what you may believe. Most people still have no clue you can run a service based business online. They may be using one themselves, but they still have no clue it’s possible and actually simple.

So before you go about believing that email is dead, or that Facebook is dead (yes, I’ve heard that as well), remember that most people do have an email address, and that there are still people discovering Facebook today…

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PS: This webinar goes beyond strategies, which means whatever tools you use after that, you’ll be able to make them work… Just saying…