What if I told you that there are two words that can create nations. Two words that can start wars but also bring about peace.

Two words that will help you connect with certain people and make others turn away from you.

These two words can also start diseases and heal them. They can influence your whole behaviour.

People have died because of these two words. Others have gathered massive crowds thanks to these two words.

And I shall reveal these two words on tomorrow’s email…

Kidding. As much as I like to keep an open loop, this wouldn’t be fair to you.

There two words are, quite simply, “I believe…”

Whatever you put after these two words can change your world. My father believes dairy is extremely bad for him, and every time he has a piece of cheese (guilty pleasure), he catches a cold…

I don’t believe in dairy doing me any harm and I don’t catch a cold when I have dairy…

On a more important note, look at Apple… “This is what we believe: technology alone is not enough…”

And look at religions… Have they not started wars based on beliefs?

How many people were jailed, tortured or killed for their belief?

And how many people were still ready to fight, suffer and die for their beliefs?

I’m telling you, “I believe” are two words you’re gonna see from a different light from now on…

And if you want to know how to use these two words for the best, as in getting your message in millions of ears, making you some bacon, you can sing up for my webinar below:

See you soon I hope,


PS: I believe there is genius in everyone. I believe the world can become a much better place if we all grow towards our maximum potential. And that’s why I am committed to helping people grow so that they genius can shine… (See what I did there?)

A catcher, the person or team listening to your pitch, has no objective way of classifying creativity so, instead, a catcher will jump to conclusions about what they think they can expect from you. It’s a classic case of the human stereotyping condition.