You may remember an article I wrote about Hillary losing the battle…

Well, things are not turning out exactly as I thought they would, apparently. Well, it’s probably way better that way, if you ask me. 

But there is still a powerful lesson in what has happened recently. It’s fair to say that this campaign has been extremely painful to watch and that it has reached unprecedented lows.

Well, let’s it make it interesting for your life and how you can reach out to people. Up until the Donald’s sex tape, it was a rather close race, especially in September.

The Donald was unapologetic, as always and he appealed to his audience by pissing everybody else off. The strategy worked to get the Republican nomination, and it worked to get closer and closer to Hillary.

Now what’s happened in the last month to turn it around is not just some dirt dug out. Come on, did that tape really surprise anybody? If it did, people are really naive…

What’s shifted on Trump’s side was apologizing… Suddenly he wasn’t in character anymore. He became a liar. Up till now, he had said the wrong facts, the wrong figures and promised things he could not keep but he had looked as if he believed in what he was saying…

After the tape was found and publicly played, he said he “regretted” saying these things which he obviously doesn’t. He showed himself as insecure. Somehow with the deadline arriving, he panicked and he was no longer in character.

Something else shifted. It gave Hillary an opportunity to speak out strong values. And ultimately, people don’t connect with manifestoes, or experience, but values. Michelle Obama gave a speech in New Hampshire and she probably moved a lot of people to tears.

Yes, she’s obviously much more talented at speaking than Hillary. Her speech was one of the most powerful I’ve ever watched, and I’ve seen a few. I also know a thing or two about speech writing and delivery and even if I could recognize the techniques she used, she moved me too.

Because THAT’s where the power lies… Not your strategies, not the features of your business, but your values and your message. What do you believe in? If your message can create an emotion in someone else, people will absolutely follow you. Michelle Obama’s speech in New Hampshire was a masterpiece, no matter who you side for.

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PS: If you want a link to that speech, you will find it in my Facebook group.