Behind what I’m gonna tell you is absolute gold. Most people won’t see it, but you may be one of the few who does…

You see, there is one thing that is crucial if you want to attract clients: knowing your ideal customer, also known as “avatar…”
And yes, you may have heard this before, I get it, but here is where I struggle. I HATE that idea!

I have resisted it with everything I’ve had…

Why, you may ask? Because I want to help everybody. I know that there are several profiles that would be a good fit for me.

And of course, all the different coaches I’ve had so far have said the same thing: “who’s your avatar?”


I’ve worked with 40 year-old women, 30 year-old dudes, you name it so why would I have to settle for just ONE type of person?

I have had to come up with a system, something that could help me define common traits in the clients that inspire me.

And thankfully, I have found it… And you know what the best part is? I’m gonna teach that system on Friday’s webinar, for which you can sign up below:

Who is it for? You may ask (naughty you!)

It’s for people who REFUSE to settle. It’s for people who know that there is more to life than just paying your bills and dying. It’s for people who have a purpose and want to make a difference in this world.

It’s for people who right now don’t have everything they want but know deep down that they CAN get there…

If you recognise yourself in what I just said, just sign up on the link above…

See you there,