Every election is a shit show…

What we’re seeing in the US is deplorable of course.

And in my own country it’s not gonna be any better I’m afraid.

Now I’m not gonna side with a party or anything. They’re all a bunch of liars if you ask me.

However, people will focus their attention on them and will think their vote actually matters.

And to some extent it does. The West hasn’t recovered from the fiasco of “going to Iraq…”

That’s something I don’t see discussed enough actually. How do we create world peace? How do we inspire humans to love each other?

I know, I leaning on the hippy side of things now but economies prosper in peaceful times…

What strikes me the most is the ability of each candidate to conjure up a list of ALL the things they’re gonna fix…

How about just 3 things: public debt, wars, and education?

I know, crazy, right?

And the reason people have hopes when they cast a vote if because they don’t believe in themselves…

The best way to change your life is to take care of you, first, not wait for politicians to do something for you… In the last 50 years, such a miracle hasn’t happened.

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Keep rocking,