We all hear about the benefits of meditation. We would like to believe they’re true, and when we try it, we’re usually not convinced. I must admit I was quite frustrated at meditation to begin with. It took me a while to see any benefit. If you have a hyperactive mind, you will probably want to read further…

So what’s not working?

The first thing to address is your expectations. What do you expect when you meditate. Do you expect some kind of magical experience, giving you 100% clarity on your situation and tons of energy? Well initially, you’ll be disappointed…

Meditation is there to allow you to make space. You simply allow yourself to be in the present moment without having to rush your thoughts. People who have meditated for a while have breakthroughs, but don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed.

Why do you meditate?

If to you meditation only sounds like “a good idea” but you’re not genuinely convinced about its benefits, it will probably not work the way you want to. I know our Western society points the finger at anything out of the ordinary, but you can’t go into meditation with a sceptical mind. Be open to anything.

If, however, you know that meditation can improve focus, reduce stress levels, and enhance your creativity, you’re on the right track. Just don’t expect those things from the very first meditation, unless you’re guided by someone who is good at getting people started.

How to get started with meditation

The first thing you want to do is to learn to slow down. Your brain has been working too hard and too fast for years, and these things can’t be unlearned in a small mediation session.

In order to slow down, start by getting in a comfortable position. Lying is not recommended because you will be likely to fall asleep. When you are seated comfortably, you can observe your breathing and simply feel the air going into your lungs.

I know, cliché, right? Well it works. Few people actually pay attention to their breathing patterns. Play with your breathing. Inhale as slowly as possible and exhale as slowly as possible. You’ll see it’s a bit scary at first.

Now in that state, thoughts will come and it’s normal. Simply be with your thoughts. Observe them even. Take some distance from them. You can question them. It is at this moment that all meditation methods differ completely.

Simple procedures

There are hundreds of different ways to go about it but ultimately, you want meditation to make you feel good and enthusiastic. You want to reconnect with your heart and be less in your head. For this, you have several options to choose from.

The first one is to direct your thoughts towards anything that you can feel grateful for. And if you think you can’t be grateful for anything because you have such a miserable life, start with the air you’re breathing. It can be the water you drink or the food you eat. We are so trained at complaining that we forget how many things we can rejoice about.

Now, if you’re really miserable, the next step is even more crucial. Ask yourself who you need to forgive. If you’re holding a grudge against somebody, you’re probably not in a flow state. The reason forgiveness is so important is that if you can’t forgive other people, you can’t forgive yourself. You simply have a lot of guilt in you that you project on anyone else.

Gratitude, forgive and love will reconnect you with your heart. Emotions may come along, but you will be able to release a lot of negative energy. Guilt and resentment hold us back. The thoughts that provoke these feelings don’t serve you. Spend as much time as you need truly forgiving the person you need to forgive, and forgive yourself. Everybody, including you, is trying their best with the tools they’re given.

Another procedure I like is to visualise what I want to accomplish and see it as already done. I picture myself enjoying the fruits of my labour once my task is completed. I try to feel the emotions that go along with it. If you can make the picture detailed and colourful, it will inspire you for the rest of the day.


Meditation isn’t hard. It’s a habit and you can only get better by sucking at it initially. It’s just like any skill you need to learn. It can be stressful to see the learning curve, until you realise it never gets easier so you might as well start now…

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