If you’re one of these people who can sit still and not really think, this is not for you. If, however, you have a tendency to think things over 100 times over and 100 times again, you may be able to relate to this. There is a way out of this nightmarish soap opera show going on in your head. This is how I did it…

Life in the head…

Let’s get a few things clear first, you have to use your brain. I don’t know if it’s actually possible to “not think.” It’s when your brain functions at high speed for most of the days that you will see problems arise.

When you’re in your head all the time, you make a drama of every single situation. You constantly worry about what may or may not happen. You build up your own stories about why you’re a victim and why life is extremely unfair to you.

And even worse, you have difficulty connecting or relating to others. You feel like an outcast. People talk to you but you don’t really listen. You’re caught in your train of thoughts which can’t be stopped.

I know, it’s not a pretty picture. That’s when some new age hippy comes along and tells you that you should “just be happy” and all your problems are gonna go away. “Think positively,” they say. And of course it just doesn’t work.

You can’t just “stop thinking”

There are people who will tell you that they meditate an hour every day and of course, the immediate reaction is “with what time?” And it’s a completely normal reaction. And that’s because most people don’t really understand meditation.

If you try to “stop thinking” when you meditate, you’re gonna fail. The goal of meditation is to create some space for your thoughts and allow yourself to slow down. And if you have no time to slow down, it’s because you’re actually not slowing down…

Having your brain functioning at high speed for too long will make you go round in circles and keep you stuck in a situation. It doesn’t make you more productive, quite the contrary so taking 15 minutes out of your day to meditate actually gives you more time (I wouldn’t recommend one hour just yet).

But again, don’t try to stop thinking. Use meditation to create space between each thought and observe your thoughts. You can question them and see that most of them have nothing to do with reality. They’re part of your own self created drama.

And in order to at least think less, or create more space, it’s time to leave the head and get into your heart.

Heart intelligence

OK, now I sound like the new-age hippy but bear with me. I’ve learned about heart intelligence from Mindie Kniss, PhD (Pretty Hugely Documented on the subject). She turns sceptics into believers, like Jesus back in the day…

Long story short, the heart has a vast network of neurones, and it sends signals to your brain. The problem is that you’re so caught up in your stories that you can’t hear those signals.

And inevitably, when you ignore the signals of your heart, you experience stress, anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, and all the negative emotions that don’t belong in the heart.

In order to get rid of these emotions that only give you more thoughts and disconnect you from your heart even more, you must learn to shift your consciousness from your head to your heart. And as hippy as it sounds, it works.

Your will be able to shift your consciousness by slowing down and allowing yourself to experience gratitude and love. These emotions will allow you to slow down your usual train of thoughts and actually experience positivity rather than just applying wishful thinking.

Scientists have had breakthroughs in recent years about heart intelligence. There is way more to the heart than just a pump. Expressions like “follow your heart” exist for a reason. For many now, the heart is considered the seat of the soul. And if you’re still sceptical, I suggest you try the following routine…

My daily routine

I have followed this routine for the last 3 months and it has worked beautifully. I was in my head all the time. My level of stress was high and I could be triggered by the slightest thing. You know, when somebody cuts you off on the road, for example.

Now every morning, I meditate and visualise the goal I’m working on. I see it as already accomplished and go for the feelings that this gives me. I try to visualise this as clearly as possible.

Then I go to my journal and write three things I’m grateful for. And as I write, I try to actually feel grateful. Then I write my targets for the day and go on to read from a book.

At night, I write three things I’m grateful for again and when I go to bed, I do another visualisation. As I do these things, I try to bring my consciousness to my heart as much as possible.

Try it for three months and see if you’re still caught up in your head all the time. You will know if you have evolved by how you react to outside circumstances. Then find your own way of doing it.

We have made a lot of progress as human beings, but we have lost touch with our heart. That’s especially true in Western societies, where humans are more and more disconnected. It’s no wonder we’re seeing so many depressed people. It’s no wonder we see diseases that don’t exist anywhere else. Try bringing your heart to the equation and you will see a difference.

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