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Tuesday I did something scary…

It’s always good to do scary things to expand your comfort zone a little bit.

And I have been taking singing lessons and my coach wanted me to audition for a singing school for people who want to go a bit further.

So no, it’s not The Voice or anything of the sort. It’s a local school but I still had to audition and I was really afraid of the idea.

You know, the typical insecurities of “I’m not good enough.”

And naturally, the closer the audition was, the more afraid I became.

It reminded me of when I did drama. The hour before I stepped on stage was usually a nightmare.

And then came the deliverance… Being on stage simply felt amazing. I had something to cling to.

But for this audition, I had to ask myself “what are the stakes? What are you so afraid of?”

And my only fear was a fear of rejection I guess because there is nothing at stake for this. Singing is simply a hobby I happen to enjoy a lot.

Well it turns out, I got it so I didn’t need to worry so much.

The bottom line is, whatever you feel like doing or trying, try it out.

You never know how things will turn up and your best chance is to at least give it your best.

Speaking of taking a leap, I have a great webinar tomorrow about taking a leap of faith into your life.

You’ll find more details below:

I hope to see you there.

Keep rocking,


PS: Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my big challenge this month, stay tuned