I was the guy who told people their mindset was screwed. I just knew that the only reason some of my clients couldn’t lose weight was because of their way of thinking. Deep down, they didn’t do the work because they didn’t feel it would make a difference. Meanwhile I was in a similar situation with money, until I got called out on my own bullshit.

I thought I had it figured out

Mindset is really easy. Believe in it and it shows up. Well, there is more to it than that, but when it came to weight loss, I just couldn’t see what was so complicated. I kept repeating to my clients that there was nothing I was holding back. They just had to do what they were told…

Did they do it? You bet your ass they didn’t. Would you go through an awful lot of efforts if you thought it would never pay off? Hell no. It took me a while to realise that and show some compassion for my physique clients. Losing weight had always been so easy for me. Money had always been harder.

Then I got on a coaching call, and I get called out. My money mindset was completely screwed up. I operated from scarcity. I was always saying “not enough” and minimising what I earned. I was scared about losing money, which meant I was losing it even faster. I know it sounds like some law of attraction bullshit, but that’s what was happening, all because of long held beliefs around money.

The meaning of money

Your beliefs have to do with what money is to you. And you may think that the thoughts you have about money are yours, but most of the time, they’re not. Your relationship with money comes from the conditioning you’ve had from your parents and your experiences since you were born.

If you were raised by middle class or working class parents (nothing wrong with that), your beliefs about money will just reflect that. Working class people only think about survival and don’t generally dream above that point. To them, money is as much a constraint as it is a source of freedom because they’re always struggling with it.

Middle class people only want to be comfortable and safe. They look for safety in anything they do with money. They may live month to month sometimes, but their behaviour with money is shaped around the belief that something bad may happen, and that you have to play it safe.

Of course, if you’ve been raised in either of these environments, you will associate money with problems. What’s especially dangerous about middle class people is that they’re in the zone where you get taxed the most. Past a certain point, you can retain a lot after tax, but there is a zone in which you think the only thing you’re paying is taxes.

To world class people, money is a source of freedom. Most problems can be solved by writing a cheque. Therefore they don’t worry about money, they’re happy to have it and spend it. They’re also aware that having more money allows them to have a bigger impact in the world and reach more people.

Abundance is not greed

We are taught to not be greedy so much that we glorify poverty. And what’s the value in poverty really? Being able to generate a lot of money is actually a sign of generosity.

Money is almost always correlated to the degree to which you can help people solve a problem. Non profit organisations are able to raise enormous amounts of money because they stand for a cause that is dear to a lot of people.

Regardless of how you make a profit, your ability to last is determined by your ability to care about your customers. Those who want to make a quick buck never really last long on the market, and that’s a good thing. If you provide value for yourself and others, you will be able to make money which won’t reflect greed. On the contrary, it will reflect generosity.

Difficulty making money can often be traced back to a screwed money mindset. Consider that money is completely neutral. It’s what people do with it which can be good or bad. It’s your vision of it which can help you attract or repulse it. Consider that money will simply make you more of who you are. If you are afraid of discovering that, you may need to do some deep inner work.

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