The law of attraction is real. There are people who simply attract the wrong or the right circumstances into their lives. I have no actual science to back me up on this, but I’ve seen a sufficient amount of examples to make me think it’s real. However, it’s often not used properly, or at the origin of false beliefs.

Let’s say it’s not there…

To the sceptic, there is no such thing as the law of attraction. The universe doesn’t give you anything. It doesn’t owe you anything, nor does it respond to your every request.And let’s face it, most of what we hear about the law of attraction is pretty hard to believe for someone rational. Why would the universe give us what we think about? Why would we be able to “manifest” our outcomes by simply thinking?OK, OK, but let’s get back to square 1 then, shall we? Before you can create anything, or make anything possible, don’t you have to think about it? How many people fail before they even start because they don’t allow themselves to think about what they want?

How results are attracted

Now, with “attraction,” people often forget the “action” part. Thinking is never enough, however well it’s done. However, it all starts with an idea, a dream.Your results come from your actions, and your actions come from your thoughts. And that means your mindset is the key to getting better results. With a fixed mindset, you’re going to get fixed results. With a growth mindset, your results will be allowed to grow.In a way, you can look at it both ways. You can believe that the universe is giving you what you wish for, or you can think you’ve overcome your own story to be able to make things happen. Either way, you’ve done the same thing, which is change your thinking.It may seem easy, but it’s often the hardest thing to do. Your thinking comes from years of conditioning which don’t go away overnight. That’s why it’s a work of every day.

Using the law of attraction the right way

Whether you think the law of attraction is the result of the universe or a mindset shift doesn’t really matter. The process is similar. The people I know who are extremely successful and don’t believe in the law of attraction act exactly as if they believed in it…

Most people think they have to want something really really bad in order to obtain it. They focus on the thing they want, and try to eliminate the negative, but ultimately they can’t.
Your mindset has truly shifted when you no longer care about the outcome. You no longer “want” what you want. It’s as if you’d already had it. That’s the real way of thinking you need. As long as you come from a place of lack, you are going to reproduce lack. However, if you don’t care what happens, you will focus on your actions, as if you could ONLY succeed. That doesn’t mean you will, but you will not let failure deter you.
Most people just can’t reach this place of detachment. They’re so attached to their outcome that they screw up somehow. But you have to be ready to repeat the actions you take over and over until successful. People who end up “manifesting” their reality are just relentless. They don’t think about the time it takes.And here is the real key.
Investing time shouldn’t scare you if you like what you’re doing. If you really don’t, I would say it’s not a wise idea to invest any time on it. So whatever you want to create, be ready to create it over and over again. When it fails, question your thinking.

Your mind is powerful. It’s like a muscle that needs to be trained. If you find yourself doubting and act from scarcity, you may find that training your mind will have more positive impacts than just doing for the sake of doing. The law of attraction doesn’t come without action, but unproductive actions don’t lead to anything either.