Anger and hate stem from the same thing… We feel powerless. We feel there is too much we can’t control. We are slaves to our outside circumstances. However, this is also how we lose our power unfortunately. Here are a few steps you can take to claim your power back.

A year ago I was grumpy all the time. My relationship with my wife had deteriorated. I got angry at my children much more. I couldn’t get anywhere in business and I woke up every morning without any enthusiasm for the day to come.

And of course, I was blaming everything on my external circumstances. The economy wasn’t working. It was the government’s fault. I didn’t have enough time because the earth was shaped in a way that made days last 24 hours only.

And yet I was spending my time on Facebook, hoping that something would happen, a miracle perhaps. And guess, what jack shit happened until I had the courage to face reality.

I was being the two things that make you relinquish your power. These two identities are well known. If you find yourself in that situation, which you will, you had better turn it around quickly.

The two roles you don’t want to play

The first of these two roles is that of the victim. When you play victim, you acknowledge that you have lost power. The worst thing is that you are doing nothing to change the circumstance. You are just handing power over, giving a whip to be flogged.

The second of these two roles is that of the judge. When you judge other people, you’re actually judging yourself. There is something about yourself in other people that you don’t like so you criticise it. And of course, that isn’t doing much for your self esteem.

And to get back to my story, I was criticising a lot of things indeed. I did that until I realised that any circumstance I didn’t like, I had created. And if you can create circumstances you hate,you can create circumstances you love.

Claiming back power

The first thing to do to claim back power is to look for what you love. When you acknowledge what you love in your life, and allow yourself to go after it, you can wake up in the morning with enthusiasm.

The second step is to acknowledge that the journey is as important as the outcome. If you’re constantly looking for an outcome, but not enjoying the journey, you won’t be happy with your outcome.

True power manifests when you’re ready to lose the outcome, ready to fail because you shine in the process anyway. If you have nothing to lose and execute fearlessly, your “work” will feel ten times better.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of victimisation or judgement. However, you should always be ready to step outside of these two dangerous zones, and look at what you want to create. True power lies in excellent execution, not a quest for perfection.

And if you really want to step into your true power let your potential shine, start by challenging your mind here: